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My Recovery Journey has been long and hard. What went by in what felt like months was actually 10 Years Plus I was In Active Use. Before My Addiction Years, I was in an abusive relationship with a Very Unkind Man. I was 19 When I met Him. I was Young and Looking for Love Not Even Knowing at the time what Healthy Love Looked Like. He was From Sarajevo, Bosnia, and was a Muslim man whose culture was very different from ours. When I was 21, I had my first Child, and one Every Year After Until I had 3. All While Being Physically, Emotionally Abused by Him. I had left a couple of times before but never had any Help Financially for my kids who would always go back. The day I actually left him for good I had to Run Away from him and left my 3 children upstairs with his grandmother. So, I didn't take them with me.  My Biggest regret in life. When I left, I was on the streets Lost, Full of Sadness, and honestly, in a Fog.

 I had grown up in foster care when I was taken away from my mom, and from age 9-14 I was in 13 Different foster homes. I Had only clothes on my back. The only help I had offered to me was from users, and that is where it began. Months turned into years and before I knew it my children didn't even know me.

Finally, after doing 2 years in prison and a lot more wasted High Years I can Barely Remember or have anything to show for days I just drowned in Drugs. I was Fed up, put myself in rehab, and was finally in the right mind to feel confident to see my children while still dealing with the damage I’d done to my body.

Over the last 10 Years although I have been working it's a lot of money to get your teeth fixed. I relapsed after a Year Sober and after 2 Months of that Realized why I had stopped the first time, that’s when I decided to relocate to Omaha, Nebraska I moved to an Oxford House Got A New Job, and now have a Car and apartment and things to smile about I want to Try and further My career and I know I can do it but Hold Myself back Because I fear Being Rejected Because of My Teeth.

 That’s Why I would like to Thank the Soul of a Phoenix Program for Helping Me Smile. I don't even Remember what that feels like. I am So grateful for this Program and the Soul who realized this is something that needs to happen. This Program is life-changing.

 I also would like to Thank Kennedy Dental Associates and Dr. Carpenter for making me feel so comfortable I, not one time Felt ashamed or Judged By him and was very attentive to what I needed and How I felt and the day I got all My teeth out and had to Stop and just Cry he Let me do that.

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